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Materials for packing bread into bags

Thoes manufacturers, who are interested in packing materials for bread, could find a lot of useful information about it. Such information is given in lot's of resources such as internet and also printined in special periodicals. There are so many names of them, that your head could go round: cellophane, paper, plain paper and wax paper, polymer materials. The situation is complicated by manufacturers of the packing materials,as they used acronyms and label names of their company. In this way the possibility of write choice is available only for the expert, who knows all about modern package. We will try to describe different types of package, to give a possibility to manufacturer choose the bread bags, which are suitable for him.

Step one, let us exclude the materials which are not suitable for bread packaging. At first this is hydrate cellulose film (cellophane). From the one hand this is very strong material, but from the other hand - it's has specialties in production, what makes this material quiet expensive. That is why nowadays, real cellophane is used only for packing some elite products (such as cigars). Please pay your attention to nowadays tendency, that all kinds of film, by misunderstanding are called cellophane.

Next material has arguably usage is – paper. Of course you can make paper bags for bread. But this paper must be of special kind. The price for suitable paper for bread packing is commensurable to the bread price. Some shops has practice to pack bread into paper bags, but this is peculiar only for the shops, breads manufactures has no remote to it. One of the lacks of the paper is it's untransparency, bread paper bags doesn't allowed to customer to see and to set a price of product.

Using such material as polyethylene, such as low (PND) and high (PVD) pressure, also has it's lacks. Such material has mat tinge, what decrease the transparency. Bread in such package doesn't look attractive, the lack of gloss in bag, makes the feeling that the product is quiet old. One of the main lack of the polyethylene is that polyethylene doesn't has properties for storage the bread. The bread packed in polyethylene doesn't breath and it's means that the bread grow mould so fast. One of the variant is to make perforation of the bags, but this can make additional cost and the goods anyway looks not very attractive.

Brand film of the foreign manufacturers also can't help us with the choice, but can entrap more. There are only two materials – polypropylene (PP) and Poly vinil chlorid (PVC). Polypropylene can be of the two types – oriented or non-oriented. Manufacturers mostly like modern polymer materials, among them: polypropylene and poly vinil chloride.