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Flexography. The demands for original- layout sheet.

1.Flexography and information-carrying medium. The order is made on the information-carrying medium: USB-flash, DVD; CD(Mac/Pc). Also by e-mail we can accept the archive files. Flexoprinting on the film. Used graphic programs Macromedia FreeHand 8/0, also (Mac/Pc) and early versions; Adobe Illustrator CS and also early version (Mac/Pc); CorelDRAW x3 and early versions (Pc); One single rastered picture is – original- layout sheet, is un preferable, even if the quality of the picture is very high. Flexoprinting on the film can not be made, if the original-layout sheet was done in the next versions: Adobe PageMaker, Quark Xpress.

2.Flexoprinting on the film. Features of the design. All the prints are making in fitting curve. If you want to change the text information next time, than you need to give us all the prints. CMYK – is color model. All the parts of the text and vector graphic for flexography must be done in it. In original- layout sheet all the raster pictures with the Link attribute, must be putted. If you don't have such possibility, example is Corel DRAW, than you need to give us all the pictures separately. Flexoprinting on the film. For it's raster pictures, experienced designing companies, during preparing them, gives it on CMYK – colored model. If the settings of the printing machine are unknown or the company doesn't have any experience, in this case restored pictures must be given in RGB model. We offer flexoprinting on the film to a big number of companies among the Krasnodarskiy region, Rostovskiy region, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropolskiy region, North Caucasus region, and also to the whole South Federal region.