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BOPP film: let's save the taste of ice-cream

The appropriation of BOPP film is quite wide: it is used for different types of packaging (including packaging the ice-cream), making labels, for lamination paper and carton, and also in the process of manufacturing cosmetics and perfumery, household chemistry and tobacco goods. Film for ice-cream fits the standards of quality, therefore is suitable for selling as to the native consumers, so to the European.

The production of biaxially-oriented polypropylene film, which is the film for ice-cream is making by using ploskoschelevoy extrusion. With the help of extruder, (special device for plastication and extrusion of the melt polymer material) liquid melt is sending to the filter. After it the expected film for ice-cream, cleaned before, allocated on the tyre of the drum, wich is revolve in special bath filled with water. This is promote to cool the liquid melt.

After it with using the moulding to the special device, which is stretching the liquid melt, the process of shaping starts. The film for ice-cream, which was forming in this way, next step is that it comes through the rolls and is stretching transversally, than cooled and coming through several temperature zones. The surface of the film is scanned with x-ray beam and is treated with corona. The film wich was treated in this way, send to the winding, where it is winding in to rolls and than send to the ware –house, with special temperature.

Film for ice-cream, which has in it's structure some polymer additives, got new better qualities. For example to get multilayers film for one cycle, coextrusion is used, what is suitable for production of different films assortment. Also coextrusion solves some economic problems as the film is producing at once, and it's qualities and it's properties are quiete the same as the originals has. It means that they suit for all the consumers demands, even very high demands. Nowadays in such way also produced triplex film, which is also suit for packing for ice-cream.