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Flexoprinting on the film. Flexography.

Flexoprinting on the film. Flexography. Fitting adhesive – is double- sided tape.

Polygraphic materials which are used for flexography are very important.

Our company present the consumed polygraphic materials to all ends of the Rostov-on-Don, Rostovskiy region, North Caucasus, Stavropol region, Krasnodarskiy region it involves whole South Federal region.

Flexoprinting on the film – flexographic way, in this way the printing is made on the flexible package.

Cliche – is printing flexo plates, for making flexoprinting on the film, they are montage with the help of especial tape, which is adhesive from the both sides.

Adhesive tape of the double-side tape are chosen for each type of the material, on which the flexoprinting will be made. Also the complicity of the printing, properties of the machine which is used for flexography.

Fitting adhesive with double-side Cushion, Pasa Tape, Goffrato, Bi.esse





Dump AV-M (flexoprinting on the film flexography)

Double-side, white adhesive tape with the special amortization layer, which consists of polyethylene foam, it is protected by special paper layer, which is covered with polyethylene, also it has intensification by film made from plastic. According to quiet strong adhesive power, the montage is made qualified on the big rolls. After the printing is done, this film must be put off from the steel bushings and rolls.


0,55 mm

0,38 mm

Dump ОРР (flexo printing, flexo graphy)

Double-side white adhesive tape, which has the base made from foamed made material which has polyethylene origin,  it has intensification with the plastic transparent  film, also it has bottom layer, which is made from structured polypropylene, exactly this film prevents from  air bubbles appearing, during the montage. Such type of the tape  is better than other for usage with the rolls made from steel and  hard bushings, as this tape is easy to put away after the finishing.  It is suite for many usages: flexoprinting on the film high liniature  to filling of solid strips.


0,55 mm

0,38 mm

Dump BLUE (flexoprinting on the film, flexography)

Double-side white adhesive tape, has the base from poliethillene foamed made material, also there is poli vinil chloride intensified film, of the blue color, it is saved by paper layer, wich has polyethylene cover. When the flexopritnig is made on the film, than the adhesive layer makes very good fastening of the form, also after the finishing the work this film doesn't leave glue, when it is putted away, this procces is done very easy. It is suite for different properties: from the filling of solid strips to the high liniature.


0,55 mm

0,38 mm

Dump BS ( flexoprinting, flexography)

Adhesive tape, white and double-side, the base is made from polyethylene foamed material , it has plastic intensified film and defence layer made from paper, which has  covering made from polyethylene. That side which the form is fixing and other side, where the roll is situated, are used two different adhesive layers, which are differs by their power. Such type of the tape is better to used with the steel roll, as the tape is put away from it easily, even if a lot of time had passed.  It is used for different work: flexoprinting on the film with high liniature to the filling of the solid parcels.


0,55 mm

0,38 mm

Dump GB (flexoprinting, flexography)

Double-side adhesive white tape, which has the base of the polyethylene foamed material, it is intensified by the transparent plastic film and is protected by structured polyethylene, also from it the additional layer made. From that side where the form is   fixed and from the other, where  the roll is situated , are used two  dffierent adhesive layers, which are differs from each other by  its power. Such type of the tape is  better to used  with the rolls  which are made from steel, as  the tape is putted away easily  exactly from them, even if a lot of time had passed. That adhesive layer, which  is situated from the side of the fixing, allowed to use the thin polymer plates during the printing, polymer plates which could be deformated, when  the flexoprinting is made on the film.  Also it is suit for the  work of the high spectrum: from the printing of the thick lines to solid filling.


0,55 mm

0,38 mm

Hard В (flexography, flexoprinting)

Double-side hard adhesive tape, is transparent, based on the poli vinil chloride , has the protection, which is made by the layer of the brown color, it is made from  structured PVC.  Rubber adhesive is very strong. It is used during mantage of the flexographic plates, also such which are made high flexoprinting on the film.


20 Н/25 mm

0,30 mm
0,20 mm
0,10 mm

(flexography, flexoprinting)

Double-side  hard adhesive tape, is made from PVC base, it is  intensification of the layer from structured polypropylene of the white color, during the montage, it helps to prevent appearing of the air bubbles. Rubber adhesive is very strong. Is used during montage of the flexographic plates, also such which are made hight  flexoprinting on the film.