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Packing for the seeds

Packing for the seeds we have in other countries, one species - this is a polypropylene bag, knitted in a special way - a polypropylene tape with sutures, one - the so-called evroshov, and the second - vertical overlap. Packaging for seeds involves the use of transparent polypropylene tape. If you use transparent tape to bags, it is certainly cheaper, so if the fashion market and consumer demand allows, it is desirable to make bags of transparent tape. Packaging for seed treatment begins with a flexographic company - these are companies that deal with the fact that applied to the manufacturer's logo packages. If the quality, price, organize, you can sign a contract with flexographic company, and your bag of seeds to be with the logo applied by this company. Roasting and packaging of seeds, need to get your bar code, and register their specifications for frying packaging. Then you need to buy special equipment for packing seeds, which is from a tape or film to make bags. This equipment is designed so that the tape is bent into a tube with a collar, then sealed edges to each other or overlap, and only then out of the tube is packed. The size of the bag depends on the width of the tape, for example, if the belt width 250 mm, then the overlap of fifteen millimeters, the pipe will be in a circle two hundred and twenty millimeters and width of the bag, respectively, one hundred and ten millimeters. Of course, the size of the bag depends on the weight and density of the product. Packaging is made from a pipe by means of such horizontal tenov and sponges, which are evroshva heaters and special heated nichrome string that is used to trim the bag. When the horizontal seam is sealed in the packaging machine, packing for seeds is cut off, and thus forms the top of the bag, which is already populated with products, and the bottom of the bag, which is filled product after it sealed. Packaging for seeds on semi-automatic made by the operator manually or by means of a lever, it pulls the film, which was formed in the pipe, then presses his foot on the pedal the special, which presses the heaters and cuts, while zapaivaya bag, and down the next bag, sealed, respectively. On the machine for packaging seeds - These procedures are made without an operator - automatically. Packet length for packaging machines is held by fotometki on film, and with the photosensor on the equipment itself. When the film passes through a light sensor, the sensor will respond fotometke and signaled to stop the feed bags and seal them and segments. Only through fotometki, which is installed on the machines, we have the same length packets. More recently, designers of these machines have simplified the DPA, thus allowing to work without the help of fotometki. Adjusting the length of the package is made mechanically, resulting in an electronic control unit is simplified. There is another very important point in the production - before you pack seed, it must be processed in a cleaner, cooler. This process, in principle, not mandatory, but highly improves the quality of roasted seeds. For the manufacturer, there is one important problem - it is a black dust that remains on the seeds after the roasting process. The fact that some technologies for processing podsolnuhovyh seeds sink used for the purchase of a cleaner product, but it involves high consumption of gas and electricity for drying and cooking, so there is a special cleaner, which consists of a screen that rotates, and thus well sifts black dust. Most manufacturers of packaged seeds are roasted, that the process of cleaning and cooling podsolnuhovyh seeds, allow them to compete on the quality of the product on the market, but many produce products without this equipment, and consider their product enough competitiveness.