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Heat shrinkable capsuls

Manufacturing of the heat shrinkable capsuls for cogniac and vodka products is popular all over Russia and also above it.


Heat shrinkable capsuls is one of the main part of the brand, like the bottle itself and the lable. Modern exploring shows, that the intensity of the color and the material influence on customer's decision.


Heat shrinkable capsuls - is modern mean of identification and differentiation of your brand, this is stylish protection of your products from fakes.


Our company products PVC and combined rolled materials, polilaminates and combined materials (from foil, polyethylene, poliester), used for production heat shrinkable capsuls of the different usage. They are the mean of the protection from opening and fakes of the products, which are packed into bottles and jars.


""GlavUpak company doesn't manufacture the heat shrinkable capsuls, we are based on production technologically complex materials from foil and PVC. We have great experience in collaboration with such manufacturers."


Aluminum foil - is very popular kind of packing material. Has great physics-mechanically properties. Our company offer the foil covered with thermo lacquer, and also without it. The foil with putted thermo lacquer has wide usage.


One way of the usage of the foil with thermo lacquer – is production of the topdiscs for capsuls which are used in cogniac and vodka industry.


Our technology allows us color the foil with thermo lacquer for topdiscs production according to the color of the capsuls and caps. This is very important for manufacturers of cogniac and vodka. Manufacturers of the capsuls from foil and PVC could value the quality of the capsuls, made from our materials


Widespread technical parameters of the triplex based on aluminum and polyethylene is - это 9mic + 35mic + 9mic, or 20mic + 60mic + 20mic.


The main colors are golden and silver, or chose of the color up on the customer demand.


PVC - poly vinyl chloride heat shrinkable for heat shrinkable capsules production.

The color of the film: transparent glossy, transparent matt, black, white, metalized, golden, silver.


Manufactory of heat shrinkable capsules for cogniac and vodka industry is widely popular as for Russian so for above companies.


Specialists of GlavUpak company know how to formalize the good product. Our technologist and colorists would make recopies and would found the combination of materials, and operators would create this appearance on high technology equipment.