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Film for ice-cream

The "Stirol-Pak" company is selling the BOPP film for ice-cream for Russian and foreign manufacturers, among them: transparent mono film and co- ecstrusion film multilayer transparent film for ice-cream package. We are supplying the film for ice-cream with printing all over the companies in Russia. Also we make the flexo printing on the film. Also according to wish of the customer we can treated the inside of the film.

Polypropilene film for ice-cream has all needed certificates according to the Russian Federation obligatory standards has the sanitary certificate. Film for ice-cream is producing in rolls on the gear, the inner core of the gear is 76 mm or 152mm.

The factory has all modern laboratories and control the quality of the film with special equipment. Such equipment makes the check of the ice-cream film with the mechanical tests for the objective quality control and check of the competitive capacity of the products on market.

Also we can organize the printing, lamination and metalizing and flexo printing, developing the factory and constantly making the better quality of the producing film for ice-cream.