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Multilayers (combained) materials with printing\without printing Polymer films with printing – surface printing Polymer films without printing Paper - made packaging with printing Foil Buflen Bags Paper Bags Film Labels for the water Films PND and PWD

Double layers materials Duplex.
Combined materials with medi-layers printing up to 8 colors:


Double layers laminated materials Duplex



Wide usage of this materials is explained by their unlimited possibility of verifying their properties. Laminated materials has very important advantages over simple packing materials.


Verifying properties of the materials and films, laminated PE,CPP and etc. advantages over simple packing materials:


1) The storage period is longer;

2) High mechanical properties;

3) Stability for cleaning;

4) Improvement of the appearance of the package;

5) High barrier properties on gas penetration;

6) High water-resistance;

7) High resistance to penetration of outside smells;

8) Defence from sun light;

9) High strength, rigidity and strength to pinholes;

10) The form of the package is stable;

12) High durability and air tightness of the welding seam.



This laminated materials has: good oil resistance for usage on the packing equipment of the horizontal and vertical types, high gloss, defence from rubber of the putted ink, durability, high resistance to low temperatures.

Are used for packing the food stuff: confectionery and bakery, nuts, iced products, tortellini, tea, chips, coffee, and etc.


The materials has: good stem- and gas- resistance, smell resistance, high gloss and defence from rubber of the putted ink, durability.

Are used for packing the food stuff: packing the bread and bread products, ice-cream, toys, confectionery and baked goods, nuts, iced-products, tea,toys and also used for the consumer goods, personal hygiene goods, and etc.



ПBOPP film laminated with polyethylene has: good steam and gas resistance, high resistance to low temperatures and strength to pinhole. Such laminate materials has good heat sealing with the temperature 120-160 degrees C and widely used on the horizontal and vertical equipments.

iced products of no a much fat content, confectionary goods, flour, sugar, cereals, macaronis, dried milk and etc.


Such laminated materials has high smell -, steam-, gas - resistance. Suitable for usage with verticall and horizontal equipment.

Used for packing: sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, iced meat products, package for food stuff and ingredients, short orders, and also for household chemistry, pesticide and shampoo.