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Multilayers (combained) materials with printing\without printing Polymer films with printing – surface printing Polymer films without printing Paper - made packaging with printing Foil Buflen Bags Paper Bags Film Labels for the water Films PND and PWD

The company supply polymer films with the surface of printing up to 8 colors.

The material is used for packaging next products:


Macaronis and cereals;

Package for bread, bakery and confectionery;

Iced vegetables and semi-prepared foods;

Bulk stocks;



Tea and coffee;

Snack food;

Feed for cats and dogs;

Grooming needs;

Toxic chemicals;


Dried fruits;

Packaging peanuts;

Labels for PET bottles;

Textile fabrics;

And so on.


BOPP FILM: Transparent, Metallized, Pearlized, White

from 15 mic up to 50 mic


BOPP FILM transparent:

Is used for packing the bulk stocks, also is used as package for bread, grocery, bakery, manufactured products, stationery. High transparency allows to show the products in most effective way and gives possibility to buyer to see the quality of the product. Perfect elasticity and heat sealing, it is flexible package.

BOPP FILM (BOPP) pearlized:

Reflects the light perfect. Differs it's decreased unit weight, that's why it is very economical to use. This polymer film can perfectly bare low temperature, that's why this type of the film is successfully used in packing the ice-cream, iced cheese and other products, which must be kept with low temperature.


Is used as package for foodstuff (package for bread, and baked goods, confectionary, grocery). As the package has natural white color, when the picture is covering the surface, the package has much more bright and rich colors.

BOPP FILM (BOPP) metallized:

Is used for turning into big candies and chocolate bars, cakes, wafers, and snack products (package for peanuts, chips, rusks). Because of aluminum metalizing, this films has higher barrier properties on Oxygen and Water evaporating, also it keep's the light better. In such package the quantity of the hazardous organisms is less, so the period of storage becomes longer.