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Foil laminated paper.

Putting the printing up to 8 colors

The foil кашированная with paper – is multi layer packing material, traditionally used as package for food stuff.

Used in milk and oil-fatty industry for packing batter, margarine, ice-cream and cheese, cottage cheese and etc.


Firstly paper кашированная with foil has gas- and steam – resistance. Besides, foil prevents from out coming of the wet and penetration of the gases, which air is consist of, they promote to oxidize the products, that is why it helps to increase the storage period.

Secondary, foil is hygienic product, it isn't toxic, that is why it doesn't give to smells and tastes penetraite into the package.

Thirdly, foil can fix the made shape, that is why the package has a good look, which is saved for the whole storage period of the product.

The package made from paper кашированной with foil, wouldn't unroll of it self.

Fourthly, foil is untranspaerent and exclude the penetration of the sun light into the package. This is very important, especially if the product is standing on the freezer-case.