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Flexo printing on the film and photopolymer plates for it.

Our company supply photopolymer plates for flexo printing to Rostov region, to Krasnodar region, to Stavropol region, and also to all North Caucasus and South region of the Russian Federation.

Photopolymer plates are used in flexo printing on the film: for corrugated packaging, PVC and polyethylene film BOPP, rolled flexible package, carton, foil, paper, and packing refreshments, labels. Also flexo printing is made on other types of materials of the flexible package.

Flexo printing on the film is made by using of the photopolymer plates, which has the next properties: photopolymer plates for raster and dashed multi colors works in flexography. It helps to get the width of the exposition, inks carrying high quality of the ready image. Plates are good when you work with big numbers of copies. They are ozone-resistance, and the montage of plates takes a little time to work with different types of the flexible materials.

Flexo printing on the film, for it needed polymer plates and their base: lavsan.

Plates for flexo printing has next sizes: 762х1016 mm, and also we can make any size, for order.

Photopolymer plates has the rigidity: (Shore A) from 32 to 52

Those plates, that are for flexo printing has reproduction: (60-65 lines/sm) from 1% to 98%

Plates for flexo printing - separate points: 0,15 mm - 0,006 inches

Thick lines: 0,1 mm - 0,004 inches

Light source: UV-A lamps

Wash-off fluid: Solvit, Nilosolv, Butanol, Unisol.

Photopolymer plates, which are suitable for flexo printing, they are steady to: inks, which are water based or glycol, or alcohol, or ozon, or ultraviolet based inks, to solven based on alcohole, it is used to impregnate the plates.

Task Elapsed time
Exposition of the printing flexographic plate and it's over side 30-80 sec.-240 sec.
Exposition of the flexographic plate and it's side 14-18 min.
Washing of the printing plate for flexography 4-6 min.
Flexo printing on the film, it's dryer 1 hour.
Printing form and it's exposition 12 min.
Finishing of the printing for flexography 6-12 min.

Flexo printing on the film, the most popular material for it are photopolymer plates, which are used for producing photopolymer plates. They are widely used in the market of the South of Russia in the polygraphic branch.