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The film with printing

Everybody knows the transparent film with printing, as it is one of the most popular kinds of buatiful and original package for packing the presents and also the posies. The market of packing materials with printings has put away the transparent film. You can find this kind of the film in big variety in any flowers-shop. Printed ornament on the film, allows to save some money on inks, as the printing is sparsely. In such case you don't need to make major enclosing and this fact made this material available to every customer.

Variants of the printings helps to make the film smart look, if the printing is made close to each other. If you would like to pack the present or posy in the film with sparsely printing, than you would get refined package. The film with printing – is the material, which has become urgent among the variety of the package for presents.

"GlavUpak" company produce the film with printing. The products are made in rolls, the thickness of the film can be from 35 to 40mkm, with the width from 400 to 1000mm. According to the customer wish, our company can produce the film with printing, where besides the printing you we can choose the width and thickness of the film.