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Package for edible products

The main field of work for our company is producing the flexible package for edible products. The factory of "Stirol Pak" has all the modern equipment which is made with the europian standards. That is why we are producing the flexible package of any types , this is also touches as flexopriting, so barrier properties (strength) of the package. Our equipment can make printing on any kind of packing materials.

To choose materials from which the package of the edible products is made, is rather width. We offer you a big number of combinations of the packing materials: from single layer package to multilayer , with the making surface or between layer printings.

Among all existent kinds, we need to especially say some words about flexible package. As this kind is the most popular nowadays.

Package in whole and flexible package, is closely connected to food industry. The main aim was and still is, to increase the competitiveness and consumptions properties of the products. It is possible, if we will use attractive appearance and better protection properties of the flexible packing materials.

The most popular flexible materials for edible products are polyethylene films: single and multy layers. The first are used for  packing and making bags, and second – for packing bread, packing nuts and packing edible products.

In whole, all packing materials could be divided to several groups:

  • Single layers materials (PVD, BOPP and etc.). 
  • Multi layers films (laminates).
  • Foil and metalized materials.
  • Paper materials.

Single layers materials has good barrier properties and are used for packing edible products. They could make a long storage period for such products as: crops, sugar, salt and etc. But BOPP films are not used for storage coffe or tea,as they has high gas penetration,that is why they would loose their aroma. PVD also is usedfor  packing salt and sugar; but helps to protect the products from wet. Besides, PVD materials has good sealing properties.


The more serious protection for products makes multi layers  and combined materials. In this packages for edible products there is the layer, based on poliefir PET. Such flexible package would protect the film from negative factors of the environment: wet and air.


Packages for edible products which are made from the film, with the aluminium foil layer or with sputtering aluminium is used for packing  chips, milk formulas, nuts and other products. Such flexible package has very high barrier properties: it’s gas penetration is about 1000 times less than multi layers.

Besides, such package has very attractive appearance and good durability.


Using paper package is exonerated, is you need to make volume bag for granular products. In this case you don’t need especial barrier properties. The advantage of the paper bags is that, when it’s bend they better stay in maden shape than films. If you will add the polyethylene layer to th paper, it’s permeability will be less in 100 times! This sircumstances helps to use paper package for edible products more wide.