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Package for edible products

Package for edible products is produced from different materials, which are devided on several groups: single layer polypropylene materials, multilayers materials. For free-flowing products most often used the package for edible products from different materials, which can be devided into several groups – one layers polypropylene materials, multilayers materials, foiled and metalized materials. For free-flowing materials often are used the package for edible products two axis, which has a lot of accomplishments, such as small dense, which makes the weight of the package, high durability and low humidity permeability. Good transparency, and gloss also shows it's aesthetic indicator. At the same time single laye polypropylene film,has some disadvanteges – such as bad resistance, as even a very small hole could damage the package, also it has bad durability of the seam, what is appearing at the moment of the film sealing. This problems, are compensated by heatsealing layer of copolymer with polypropylene, it's thickness come to three hundred micro meters. When the material is tearing from 15-80%, the material becomes longer and it doesn't tore, great barrier properties on gas penetration, gives a possibility to store the free-flowing products for a long time, but for example the storage of the coffe is imposible because of aroma-penetration of the film. The great package and storage abilities of such products as sugar, salt, crops has the PEVD films, they has wet resistance, has good sealingabilities and it is a very cheap material. Such package for edible products doesn't has demand at all. To make nig bags, are used paper bags, for packing edible products, as they keep the shape very good during lay down or bending. High customers demands, makes the producer combined paper with polypropylene. In this case the penetration of the bag, become less.

Package for edible products, all kinds which were mention before, concern to cheap products. Better protection for edible products makes combined and multylayer materials, which are based on polyether. Of course polyethylene terephthalate has barrier properties, it has better durability and optical properties, but with the base of polyethylene terephthalate it is impossible to produce qualified package for edible products, if the layer of polypropylene or polyethylene wouldn't be added. Multilayer film can be produced in two ways – first is method of the "dry" gluing,when two ready films are glued. And extrusion-laminating method, when melted film is putted on the other film. Well glued film wouldn't exfoliate, it has high resistance. Package for edible products, which is produced from glue-based materials, it has good durability measures of the seams they are in one and a half times more than just extrusion laminating.

Package for edible products, such as chips, dry pure, milk mixes and etc. Is used other type. This film is combined type with aluminium foil, or only with aluminium evaporation. Protection properties of such package are quiete high, gas penetration comparing with the multilayer films are thoused times lower. Appearance of this material is quiete attractive, it is very durable and has barrier properties, which are getting with the layer of PET. Products which are packed in this bags, has in it's structure oxidize oil or powder with the process of oxidizing, that is why the usage of this material is justifie. Combined with the layer of the foil, material is better to used for packing powder milk products, or coffee, what could make very high barrier properties.

For this metalized film is used, which is afraid of deformation and bends, but using additional paper package, metalized materials stay great at their protection properties.

There are different kinds of package for edible products it could be edible film for vegetables, vacuum, blister, stretch-film, PVC film with printing the label, and etc.