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BOPP film

BOPP film has a multi-purpose destination, it is used for packaging products for various purposes, for laminating paper and paperboard for the manufacture of labels and a combination of thin film materials, food products, perfumery products, tobacco, household chemicals. For packaging of snack products such as chocolates, cookies, soups, used biorientirovannaya polypropylene film having a sufficiently high barrier properties. This BOPP film is aimed at European consumers. Dvuosnoorientirovannye polypropylene film - BOPP film is produced by extrusion ploskoschelevoy. BOPP film, a major in the manufacture of which is the extruder, through which the melt is fed into the filter. Then the purified material is distributed across the width of the drum, which rotates in a water bath and thus cools the melt. BOPP film is then formed by casting in a special device that pulls the melt from the spinneret. BOPP film, which turned out as a result, passes through the rollers, and transversely stretched and cooled, going at the same time, a number of temperature zones. The surface quality of the film depends on the scanning X-ray film and the film surface obrabatyvaniya corona. And only after that film is served in Winder, where dangle rolls, then rolls ready to move into storage warehouses, which is supported by a certain temperature. BOPP film with some polymer additives, acquires a better quality. For example, for multilayer films in a single cycle, the method - coextrusion, with which you can make the film a different range, which will be protected from liquids and gases. Also with this method, is solved a lot of economic problems that the BOPP film is produced in one step, and the properties, the quality is much better, and meets the highest requirements of consumers. BOPP film is produced and is now a three-layer Co extruded.