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Bags for bread

Nowadays almost all goods sales in special packages. In modern shops upacked goods - is nonsense. Food market makes it's terms, when you are going to buy some goods, the goods must have a box or a bag, container or somth- it means that the service of the clients is on a good level. That's right! The loaf of bread, before it would get to the customer would come through many hands from the baker, ending with the shop assistant. And this wouldn't suite for the customer. It means that bags for bread is a necessity, especially nowadays. And of course you need to know something about such type of packaging as bags for bread.

Bread – is everything to us. We can live without bread, but not so long, that is why this is one of the most buying products. Also need to be said that the storage period for bread is 48 hours. Could you imagine how long will be the storage period for bread without a package?

It is obvious, that bread bags, can solve some problems about storage the bread. If it was useless to pack the film, than the manufacturer, wouldn't waste his money on it. What is the advantage of uses the different bags for bread, what bags are used?

Bread bags save baked goods longer, than usually. Mostly, after the 24 hours after baking the bread turns stale. This is normal thing for such a good, but packing at the factory makes the bread "live" longer up to 120 hours. Packed bread is protected from invironment. It become inaccessible for different insects, it dosen't matter to level of sanitation where it is hold, also the bread in bag is much more difficult to damage. Finally it is nice to take the bread in hands. Important factor is that the label on the bag would show you what was the date of manufacturing, about it's caloric value, the factory where it was made. Such information is very important for both sides, as if the customer liked the bread, he would buying it every time, and it would give a possibility to get some income for manufacturer.

Bread bags are making from different materials. Paper, polyethylene, polypropylene – all of them are the main types of the package. Thought the results of testing shows us the most optimal types of the bags – the buyer decide for himself in what bag he would like to buy the bread.

Poli vinil chloride and polypropylene – are the main components of the bread bags. From PVC are made almost all kinds of the finishing materials, although food bags and boxes. Bread bags, which are made from PVC has both advantages and disadvanteges. There is no doubt, that the bread if protected, and disadvantage is that they can not stay the temperature more than 40 degrees and hot , un wet air, which is used for sterilization. Polypropylene doesn't has such problems, baked goods, which was taken from the oven could be wrapped in PP film, which besides make the bread looks good and make the storage period longer.

Bread bags are also used as flow pack package, which is made from BOPP film. Also there are clipsed bags and bags from cast films, which are very strong and doesn't tore, also heat shrinkage film. Never or in some very special cases the bread is packed in hydro cellulose or cellophane film, as the raw material for production such material is too high. Bread bags made from paper can not be very popular in our country also because of the expensive price for the raw material. Also the product which was packed in paper can not give any information about the product and also it doesn't looks pretty.

Bread and it's package as all other edible products regulated by law "About the quality and safety of the edible products". Such case is good for everybody; the customer get new products and the manufacture gets positive financial balance.