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Flexible package

Each year our marked is full of new goods and products. This case in it's turn stimulate the development of the packing branch and new types of packing. Among all types the main choice is flexible package. It has a number of advantages on jar, carton cover and bottle package. Among such advantages also small charges and compactness (flexible package takes much more less place for storage and transportation).


Need in polyethylene bags, package for edible products and non- edible products is growing every day. Nowadays in any shop or supermarket, the first you will see are bright packages of the products. Flexible package attracts buyers attention with it's brilliance and it's original style and also there is information about the product and it's manufacturer.


Flexible package offer to put advertisement and make full color printing. The printing is made on BOPP film, PVD or PND. Where flexible package is used? Most often for packing edible products: bakery, confectionary, chips, packing nuts, bulk stocks and etc. There is dividing of the package for edible products for next types: for freezing products, confectionery and bakery, coffee and tea.


Flexible package has a wide use among light industry. Flexible film made from different types of the film and laminate, is used in different industries: perfumery, house-hold chemistry and etc.


Flexible package from "GlavUpak"


The "GlavUpak" company produces flexible film, with different design,is putted by flexoprinting. Choosing qualified package for edible products made in "GlavUpak" YOU will make a succsess for you goods. We ready to show You next types of the products.


  • Flow-Pack Ц flexible package of a special shape, with the longitudinal joint (among the whole lenght) and 2 diametrical (on the edges). Flow-Pack are produced from different kinds of materials: flexible films,laminates, polymer films, foil, paper. The main usage is for edible and cosmetics goods.
  • Х Sache Ц flat bag with 3 or 4 seams. The bag of such kind is produced from multilayers materials or other combined materials. The quantity of the layers is depend on the case, depending on the kind of the product you need to pack. Sache could be a package for goods of the powder type, granulated, based or drying, for different kinds of blends.
  • Х All-round polymer lable for bottled (PET) packing. Is produced from polymer films of the different dense. Mostly used as package for alcohol-free, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.
  • Х Paper package. Paper packages are quiete popular even now, especially for packing candies and other confectionaries.
  • Х Single flexible package Ц is rolling each of the goods with different layer of the film, which after the shrinkage takes the shape of the goods. The main usage Ц packing for the edible products, house-hold chemistry.
  • Х Foil package. Hygienically material, used for packing edible products.


You can learn more detailed about all kinds of the flexible films, which "Stirol Pak" company produce, you can read in the according sections of our web-site.