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Film with a pattern

The value of promotional products in our time can not be overemphasized. Any company focused on success, is to provide advertising support their products at all stages of production. Quite an impressive role in the creation of a favorable ratio of buyers to the proposed product is a colorful packaging. The development of polymeric materials and will substantially increase the advertising on the package, personalize certain brand products directly to supermarkets, where they are forced to coexist with other products similar purpose. In order to ensure high-quality, durable and colorful packaging, use a patterned film.

The film is patterned to flexible packaging materials of new generation. Technology incorporated into its base, produce not only practical, but also bright, catchy packaging, to create a raw image of a given buyer of the manufacturer. Flexible packaging, including foil with a pattern began to develop his invention with polymeric materials. With the help of polymers are currently the majority of packaged foods that require long term storage and access restriction of air and water. This cereal, pasta, various types of dairy products. Films with a picture better preserve the quality of chocolate, cheese and many other foods.

To date, the most common basis for making films are patterned BOPP polypropylene films. These films can be used for packaging of granular and solid products, as well as cardboard and paper packaging. Films with a pattern made on the basis of BOPP, available in several versions. First of all, this distinction allows for lower costs in those cases where they are needed. The use of films with a picture may be different, therefore, produced the film with a heat sealable layer and without it. The first type of film with a pattern designed for packaging products by heat-sealing when two layers of film together in one by thermal effects. This method of packing is typical for the products make high demands on sealing the package. Films with a pattern with no heat sealable layer, usually cost less. Their application characteristically when creating a seamless package, the formation of joints without the use of heat sealable layer. Goods packed in such films usually do not impose strict requirements for the integrity of the package. It can be perfumes, cosmetics, some food products.

At present, the use of patterned films is not worth it. The European experience, which is actively taken over by Russian producers, showed a large impact that high-quality packaging ratio of buyers to a particular product. In a sense, the film with a pattern has become the standard for the European packaging. The cost of its production slightly above the cost of conventional polypropylene film, and a sufficiently large volume production, reduced even further. Films with a pattern other than just advertising load, can convey to the consumer's interest to information about the product, such as its composition and date of manufacture. Good print quality, which can be achieved by using a film with a pattern, can be placed on the packaging information of any kind, in several world languages. Great convenience, which gives the film with a pattern, informative information presented on it, create a successful image of the buyer and honest with customers, whose products you can buy without fear.

Another advantage of patterned films is the possibility of full-color flexographic printing on their surfaces. This method allows to achieve good-quality prints in rich colors, and more preferable than the method of intaglio printing. Flexography and gravure printing method does not pose a risk to human life and health. Film with a pattern, decorated with two of these technologies has a two-layer structure, which allows the outer layer, without using the internal.

Film with a pattern helps to give a presentable product appearance, tell us about company products, focus on quality, even those goods which Packaging does not. This is the bread, all kinds of cereals and pasta, and other bulk commodities. Printing on film with a pattern can provide such goods among others. Most often, the print used for this eight-image, chosen in such a way as not to repeat the arrangement of colors main competitors. In practice, the proof of the brain's ability to analyze the image data ten times faster than text, and most of the necessary goods, a person is looking at the packaging. Design your own logo, implementing it in the flexible packaging of commodities, the use of film with a pattern and a particular color palette, so the buyer can quickly navigate the huge variety of proposals that make the choice in favor of your product.